Remote Monitoring

Wireless Remote Crane Monitoring System

MH Automation designs and supplies data logging, combined with radio telemetry, to provide reliable wireless monitoring of several cranes simultaneously from an office based personal computer.


- Real Time visual representation of data/crane activity at remote office location
- 25 Samples per second per crane (12 cranes)
- Crane driver authorisation and access control
- Continuous load monitoring and recording
- Remote "Out of commission" function
- Multiple-crane application
- Instant 24 Hour Data review
- Data & Event print out
- Fail safe and over-ride function


- Reliable crane usage information - invoicing, stevedoring etc
- True usage based maintenance
- Productivity reporting and incentives
- Easy access to records for many years
- Crane activity level overview


- Driver authorisation and access
- Control of use of cranes
- Overload monitoring
- Incident records