Many production cranes installed over the past 30 to 50 years operate on contactor control , which now requires constant inspection and maintenance. These systems have become obsolete and parts are either not obtainable or are only available at high cost with long lead times. MH Automation have developed and adapted solid-state motor drive systems to replace ageing controls with many associated benefits.

The company has commissioned projects on the following crane types:

Ladle Cranes - continuous duty steel works process and associated steel product handling cranes

Scrap Handling Cranes - waste and scrap handling pedestal and mobile cranes

Billet/Slab Cranes

Tundish Cranes - Bespoke cranes that have lifting devices suited to handle large tundishes

Plate Handling Cranes - heavy duty, high production cranes equipped with either garbs, tongs or lifting magnets

Ore Unloaders